Thursday, May 27, 2004

Found out what was wrong with my Big Boss

After two days going mad 'coz I was with this feeling I wouldn't get my contract renewed, and seeing yesterday he was treating me normally again... I've finally found out what was wrong.

Seems like he didn't like the way I spoke to him the day I fell. I was in terrible pain, and would have gone home or to the docs if the office hadn't been closed, but no-one else was there so I had to stay -morally. Not legally. So I did them the favour of staying there, in agony, but could hardly move so I was just attending the phonecalls one at a time instead of junping around from one phone to the other.

He complained to me that morning that he couldn't get in touch with us, and it seems I wasn't nice and friendly enough to our Boss when saying I was feeling really ill and on my own. He must have understood I was just complaining and huffy, and didn't like it. He is a bit of a bighead, anyway, so if you don't kiss his arse you are not being polite and businesslike.

So today, as my bcn boss was leaving to see to some visits, he turned round and asked me if I'd argued with the President the day my boss was off work, sick. At first I didn't remember any arguing, but then thought I knew what he meant. Knowing what the man is like, that was insubmission and a fucking rebellion. So I told him, well, it was the day I'd fallen, and would have really needed to go to bed, but stayed at the office 'coz no-one else was there, but couldn't do much. He told me about some complaint the President had made, about me arguing and so on, and he'd made it look like i'd been almost shouting at him, which a) was impossible, I could hardly talk, and b) my Bcn boss didn't believe, he said it just didn't sound like me at all.

So he just wanted to hear my version, and didn't say so but made me feel like it was ok now. He was kinda reassuring. So I think, hope, suppose, it's ok now.

So I was right at the feeling I had of my boss and the president discussing over my renewal of contract. It was just an impression, but I was right.




poliwhirl said...

Ah, stupid white men.

O.k.,o.k.! said...

Well, yeah!

So stop taking the piss out of my melanine friendliness then :D

O.k.,o.k.! said...

But we both know of really stupid black men too