Thursday, May 13, 2004

Seems like Messenger's part of my life now...

I mean, I met Cinderella boy through it, and am in daily contact with friends and shit like that. Met people online I don't know in person, but are really cool, too. Get the odd perv. on, as you know, but it's worse when they're next to you on the bus or at the disco... there's not such an instant 'Ignore' effect!

Well. A couple of weeks ago I posted about my worst date ever. It was this guy I'd been chatting on the mess, and it turned out to be really uncomfortable, and an asshole, a complete dickhead. Shame, we'd been on the mess for weeks, coments on work, general talk every now and then, daily basis 'good morning :D' and so on.

Since, a few days passed before any communication... and then I broke the ice, half laughing at him, to find out about his new job-almost sure. That was it, since, a few -very few- messages, every 2, 3 days... but not the fun obviously.

Well, this was on April 30th, I mentioned it on May 3rd post... and just today the guy has been online to tell me the definite day he's starting at his new job... and to apologize for that day. He sounds honest, and sorry... and awkward. I said it was ok, it's over now, but then he tried to give excuses for his attitude and to ask if it had not been too bad... so I told him it stank. But I'd managed to save the night anyway... with a friend.

'Tis strange how people use their tools, how people use messenger to find info - I've had people finding out facts about BCN, for instance, before a trip- or to meet people to talk to... many are just a few commwnts, or a few days, but some have become friends to me... then there's all these idjiots looking for arguements, freaking you out, and so on. Hell! a guy told me the other day he'd seen me at such-and-such bar, and recognized me!!! he'd been on the mess and insisted on me seeing him on the cam, which I did for a while and laughed at his short sightedness, could see him going up to the screen to read what I'd say, so i was changing the types...anyway. Dunno what I'm going on about. Must be the medication for my backache, guess.