Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Have experienced a timewarp

or something. Somehow got hooked on this blog I commented on the other day, little. yellow. different., and am reading ALL the posts since it started in June 2000!!! Yes, at work -shame, shame- but while on the phone, etc. Got it on the comp and just go back to reading it whenever not doing something totally demanding.

And it was sooo early a moment ago, it was only 10:30. How can it be 13:30 just about 20 minutes later????!!!!

well, lunch in front of the comp I guess, to make up for my ... erm... hummm... distraction.

Talking of distraction, check this! Black People Love Us!

By the way, Vel was on messenger to me a moment, and we had to agree on something: Fuck Asian Cousins!!! Make our love life harder still!!! -by controlling our Asian lovers:D hahaha