Wednesday, May 11, 2005



Keeping my mouth shut for what seemed ages has worked -am starting at a new job on Friday 13th!

By the way...

I admit I've abandoned this blog a bit, while posting up to twice a day -or more- on what was supposed to be the Alter Ego. In fact, have seen some signs of decay coming up. But as am gradually getting back to my Jeckyll moods, and shaking out Mr. Hyde, I guess I'll get back into these shoes soon.

One of the main reasons is I got read by quite a few bloggers who I appreciate and who wouldn't follow me in English, so I got used to my Spanish blog. Another reason is, as I stated when I created it, that I was not feeling comfortable with my old blog... but that's over now. I've seen the same old thing happen elsewhere so I know I'm not the only one out there getting in and out of blog-moods ;)

Just a few more hours

...and I'll find out.

Can't help telling people, can't really let myself tell everybody yet.

But am so sure it would be a real blow in the stomach if it doesn't happen.