Thursday, July 28, 2005

Somehow, I could have guessed...

Yet another silly test I needed to try ;D

I'm just like Krusty!

Don't you wonder...?

Dear Okok,

Here is your horoscope for Friday, July 29:

Concentrating on anything other than those dear to you just won't work out well. Your thoughts will be impossible to control, as will a sudden tendency towards stubbornness.
Don't talk yourself out of it.

Be yourself.

Sometimes I do wonder if there is some truth behind daily e-mailed horoscopes

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Basecamp theory

Ian had gone on and on about his theory. Both him and me, we are the sort of person you can describe as a 'Base Camp': people pass by your life, know you, love you, leave you... and drift back to you when in need of support, warmth. Help.

Joke or not, we went through our various relationships, not just lovers but also friends... and it has been quite a pattern.

Joan, my ex, whom I was losing when I started this blog, has split up with his current girlfriend and is counting me as his closest friend to go through his depressions and moods. He admits he feels bad about 'using me' now he's going through all this, 'after all I made you suffer' -but I am in fact quite enjoying the intimacy we had gained again while he was still going out with the girl, and am happy he knows I'll be there as a friend whenever he needs me.

Though I must admit it does sting every now and then.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

The incident is continuing.

Just read on the Times Online, while glancing through the news on todays' scare:

Large parts of London were cordoned off after the bombs, including University College Hospital, near Warren Street, where armed police reportedly chased a man - thought to be a bomber - into the building.
Soon afterwards, an internal memo was circulated among hospital staff asking them to be on the alert for a black or Asian man, 6ft 2ins in height, wearing a blue top with a hole in the back with wires protruding from it.
A press spokesman for the hospital confirmed that armed officers were inside. The incident is continuing.

It's the last sentence that most worries me... For how long???

Monday, July 18, 2005


Dragging two big envelopes from work, for the las three hours, not noticing any post boxes and worrying about losing them.

Right now, propped by the screen. Just in case.

Better post them before drinking meeting my friends.

Friday, July 15, 2005


  • 15 - 17/07/05Copyfight Copiright, copyleft and copyfight!

  • 15 - 17/07/05Interferencias...Performance and vindication

  • Every Tuesday Golferichsoffers free live music.

  • 6/7: URBAN ACTIVITY, electronic jazz at Golferichs

  • The Verdi cinemas show short films or cortometrajes free at 21:45h (Verdi)& 22:10h (Verdi Park)

  • Been told there's this free open air Reggae festival at the Parc de l'Espanya Industrial - Sants EstaciĆ³-on Saturday 16th, planning to check it out but haven't seen any info.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Tell you why I was so silent...

...Because I was concentrating on my new career. That, and more in the Okokitsme mood.

Right, first I was studying, and had a load of homework to see to. Also, dedicating ever sooo much time to jobhunting, and getting involved with a few blogs and bloggers who kept reading my Other Blog, specially because it was in Spanish -but not only.

I didn't have much time to blog here too. Nor did I feel like the thoughts were for this one, but the other blog.

Take it as it is, or forget about it. I know a few other people with more than one blog, and they tend to do this sort of thing every now and then too. So enough about this.

Then this new job turned up. Very promising, but really hard to get used to -once again, loads of new info to get used to, and if this time I didn't have to learn by heart the codes for medical equipment and every little dangly bitty in plastic or wire we may need to replace, I did have to get deeply involved in Procedures, and corrections, and almost forcing people into sticking to newly implanted procedures in a nice, happy-go-lucky environment. And try not to be the Bitch From Hell to them.

Which seems to have been the case. Quite integrated now in the team, I've been given the assistant they'd promised me for September. She has started today. And I have been given a higher pay rise than agreed, and after only a month and a half, instead of the six months we'd accepted.

So, I guess, it was well worth dropping this blog for a while ;)

But am back.


P.S.: For those of you who used to read me... Summer Season has been officially inaugurated... New lovers Whiskey&Red Bull Artistic and Cultural activities for free in the street, freedom after work... You know what I mean ;)