Friday, April 29, 2005

Why I should have studied science

...or at least stuck to my technical side when I was a teenager, starting to learn BASIC but bored by the nerdness of it all

technical problems

Monday, April 25, 2005

New Sighting

Remember The Man, The Macho Borracho? Well, he might have been out of sight, but not out of mind...

I had been wondering if he'd even left town, or moved elsewhere. I had horrible visions of him finally finding His Woman in the -must admit, quite interesting- woman I last saw him with. Hadn't bumped into him since September, living only a metro stop away from him and having the habit of passing by similar areas...

I finally saw him pass by the window while eating a sandwich at a bar near his flat -don't know EXACTLY where, but I do now it's near that building X"D. That was just after Easter.

This Saturday I finally got to see him again, and thought mught have a chance to talk. But he was absent. Strange. Probably feeling down, not himself. Not dancing. Not even drinking. Just talking now and then to people who went up to him. When I moved up to him, making a casual remark -Not dancing? Lack of space or lack of energy?- he was sort of apathic, moody. He talked to me a bit, but I saw it was best to leave him to his thoughts.

As I watched him later on, he was still the same, talking to a friend, and soon left.

God, how I wish I could get closer. It was, actually, the time I've felt less warmth and response to me since we met, years and years ago. Must stop being childish -shhhhh!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

She's done it again!

Eva's had another accident!!!!

Now she seems to have finally got a settlement about the time the bus knocked her down, and has had her false teeth nicely fitted, she fell doing summersaults and cartwheels in an underground parking space -Mary Anne, no comment! -Vel, empty your mouth then laugh!

So she has a broken elbow and I am not only helping her to type -do her homework. I have also to open her beer bottles, carry her stuff around...

Monday, April 11, 2005

Yes, as Unky says...

I am quite busy lately -stop laughing, Mary-Anne- and have just realized I haven't posted here lately.

To sum it up: I am still looking for work and in the process of Becoming Officially a Secretary. Hard, as I can not focus on their typical speech tone and have become too used to dressing extra-casually during the last -gulp!- 10 months, almost.

Been to a few interesting interviews, just been told I'm out of yet another process I've been going through. Am still waiting on a certain project, and am totally out of The China Project U.U

For some reason, I seem to write more often at other places... check the Btracks if you're desperately looking for news ;D