Saturday, February 26, 2005

This reminded me of Oliver

I'm An Official Crazy Cat Person!

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Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Seems strange seeing my little sister as a mother. Seeing how she hasthank god! changed , she's more patient -not saying much!- and seems... sweeter.

But then you see her hubby calming the baby, you see her commanding the operation of The Bath, you hear rules reminded quickly -it's not right to shower now, dear, what were you thinking? can't you see it's babybathtime? You see how it takes 8 hands to bath a baby and many trips back and fro to get stuff left in baby's room.

Then even my mother admitted the baby had been fretful because of my sister's nerves at first, and broinlaw was calming both.

Still, it's weird... and baby is so beautiful, so minute, so delicate...

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Love is (not) in the air

Valentine round the corner, and no-one to cuddle into? Why not end it all with the Love Gun -may not kill you, but shall give a final twist to your reputation!

Job search again

Well, all my plans of finishing my course before getting back to intensive jobhunting have gone down the hole: Am getting over a hundred euro less from this month on, so I can't afford to go on studying and taking my time. I did get paid for the computer literacy workshop I gave at Hugo's school, but that wasn't much and shall simply cover my negative balance and give me a few days' rest. Not even 'till I get my next pay.

Now I was starting to feel happy again, useful, inspired... there it all flops again!

Anyway, am glad I saw G. last week, he's progressed so much since I last saw him! And, talking about progressing, my nephew is also catching up and shall soon be home.

One, two, three: booooo-riiiiing! I know, I know, just been writing a long post elsewhere, and can't be bothered...

Friday, February 11, 2005

Hour&half at ciber + a can of Red Bull (R)

Not been too avaolable on this blog, though you can catch me up on the B-sides...

Money driving me mad, getting less from the State from this month on since I've been on the dole for over 6 months -which no-one had been bothered to inform me about!

The other thing is the looong selection process O'd been in has ended with a virtual tie-up between me and someone else, and guess who was finally left out? Sigh times 300!

Anyway, down to the cyber with a can of Red Bull (R), to check on job offers once again, and set my mind to work.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I see you caugth an earlier ticket!

Well, in case you didn't kow, my sister was pregnant. Her whole pregnancy has been as stressful as could be expected, and she
  1. Phoned and smsed people as soon with the news, Predictor(R) still in hand
  2. Almost lost the child a few hours after realizing she was pregnant
  3. Had to spend 10 days in bed/on couch after that, to let the baby settle
  4. Quit working fultime, went on to part-time, as the doctors said she could 'go back to normal life' and full-time work seemed un-normal
  5. by the time she was two-month pregnant she stopped doing the shopping, being her hubby the one in charge by then..

... Need to continue? Anyway, I'd guessed she'd have a premature baby, and so she has! On the 33rd. week, but baby's fine, in incubator, and she's ok, considering all the complications in these premature ceasarian births. I did ask her, Can't you ever take it easy? Couldn't you just give birth at due time?

Well, in any case, am glad it's over. Now the baby days come!!!!!!!!