Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Seems strange seeing my little sister as a mother. Seeing how she hasthank god! changed , she's more patient -not saying much!- and seems... sweeter.

But then you see her hubby calming the baby, you see her commanding the operation of The Bath, you hear rules reminded quickly -it's not right to shower now, dear, what were you thinking? can't you see it's babybathtime? You see how it takes 8 hands to bath a baby and many trips back and fro to get stuff left in baby's room.

Then even my mother admitted the baby had been fretful because of my sister's nerves at first, and broinlaw was calming both.

Still, it's weird... and baby is so beautiful, so minute, so delicate...


poliwhirl said...

Any photos? Either of Sweet Varg or Sweet Chari or both?

O.k.,o.k.! said...

Soon... My camphone is f****d up! I'll try and get some copies or something ;)