Saturday, February 12, 2005

Job search again

Well, all my plans of finishing my course before getting back to intensive jobhunting have gone down the hole: Am getting over a hundred euro less from this month on, so I can't afford to go on studying and taking my time. I did get paid for the computer literacy workshop I gave at Hugo's school, but that wasn't much and shall simply cover my negative balance and give me a few days' rest. Not even 'till I get my next pay.

Now I was starting to feel happy again, useful, inspired... there it all flops again!

Anyway, am glad I saw G. last week, he's progressed so much since I last saw him! And, talking about progressing, my nephew is also catching up and shall soon be home.

One, two, three: booooo-riiiiing! I know, I know, just been writing a long post elsewhere, and can't be bothered...