Monday, September 26, 2005

Freedom in Blogdom

As I was aha-ing and ahum-ing to my bosses over the phone a moment ago, I checked Bloglines for my favourite feeds and bumped into this.

I'll quote the introduction:

Blogs have given individuals of any and every background the ability to freely speak their minds and share information with anyone who chooses to read it, at any time they wish to do so. Bloglines was created for people as a window to access this world of dynamic content and a way to participate in its creation. We believe blogs have helped enable an open exchange of information that has never before been possible. As some of you may have heard, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) is reviewing its regulations concerning political speech on the Internet, including blog activity. Bloglines is committed to the continuation of open exchanges of information and opinions throughout the blogosphere and the Internet in general. Today, the Committee on House Administration is having a hearing on this issue. In the spirit of these beliefs, I have provided the Committee with the following statement.

Follow the link to read the statement... and tell me once more that All Americans Are Bush


Saturday, August 27, 2005

Soon to come...

  • Changes on the template. But when I have time to do it, and a secure pc... Am usin lousy cibers now because they are cheap, and sometimes they don't even warn you of your remaining time... You can guess the rest ;)
  • Pics from my trip to Colera, nera Portbou... beautiful place, just waiting for my photos to develop ;)
  • Dedication. There I go, I am feeling like coming back to this blog a bit more often again, so...

And, I hope, a few changes in my personal life. Am making my mind up -now it's a matter of actually going ahead with it!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

My own fault

Here I am. Been messing around a bit too much these last few days, bad moods and tiredness being the excuse.

Now I had everything quite scheduled for the last three days before my holidays, and then...

I'm having to do this evening what I expected to do tomorrow in 5 hours. Because tomorrow morning I shall have a long, unexpected meeting, and then I'll have to help re-organize the last of our old filing system. And I had already scheduled tomorrow afternoon to go through everything my assistant shall have to do while I'm away, and see if my indications are clear and she understands what and when..

Yesterday I was quite happy thinking I had most of it seen to, I'm actually ahead of myself and have solved things due for next week and so on. Now I realize I should have taken more seriously those corny secretarial tips in the mags, and left twice or three times as much of my daily schedule free for The Unexpected!

Anyway, not going to post while camping :P but probably will do once am back.

C. U.!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Pisssssed off, I am

No, my assistant is not going to have her part of our task done in time.

I guess it shall all fall back on me, as I agreed on her taking two days off last week. But how the hell did she go onto doing this other shit for september, instead of our basic task to give in tomorrow???!!!

Am not correcting the partial ammendments, as there may be major changes still and it would be useless.

But, of course, the R. A. Officers are now freaking out because they can't cope with tables in Word, and are wasting so much time adjusting format that they are not progressing in the real work, compiling information in the tables.

Sometimes I do wish I could start off some new Church. Talk people into my knowledge, get them to see me. Remember, Mary-Anne?

Stuuuuuuupid summer

I have hardly noticed it's summer this year.

I mean, it's hot, o.k. And I have had a few nights out, as you can read at the other blog -even had the odd flirt and so on. And more than so on, anyway.

I have also had some friends in town for a month, with the logical change of sights, spending time with them, new conversation, actually talking intelligent stuff with them instead of the typical crap.

Yet, I still don't feel I'm in summer. House is a crappy mess, as I hardly realize I've been -gulp!- over a month without Hugo around, and keep postponing the really needed 'spring clean and turn it all inside out'. Have only been to the beach once this year, and only thanks to the aforementioned visitors. No beachy evenings lazying on the sand, after work. No cycling around town -the fact I haven't got a bike might help there.

Not even last week, sitting on a soggy beach deck chair, at the CCCB's cinema sesion, did I feel quite in August.

Suggestions, please.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Can't believe it

Driving me mad, this is

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


  • CCCB starts today its August open air film cycle: Gandules... Original Versions, odd films, usually a cool atmosphere to spend a hot summer night: Tue-Fri, at 10:00 p.m., free entrance but don't go too late.

  • CaixaForum also opens every Wednesday 'till midnight, and has free activities and/or really cheap ones -dance, live music, videoart...

  • MACBA is open 'till midnight on Thursdays

  • The Verdi cinemas show short films or cortometrajes free at 21:45h (Verdi)& 22:10h (Verdi Park)

  • Still in time to catch the last few Thursday Film Sessions at Fort Pienc (Near Arc de Trionf) at ten p.m., too.

    • Thursday, July 28, 2005

      Somehow, I could have guessed...

      Yet another silly test I needed to try ;D

      I'm just like Krusty!

      Don't you wonder...?

      Dear Okok,

      Here is your horoscope for Friday, July 29:

      Concentrating on anything other than those dear to you just won't work out well. Your thoughts will be impossible to control, as will a sudden tendency towards stubbornness.
      Don't talk yourself out of it.

      Be yourself.

      Sometimes I do wonder if there is some truth behind daily e-mailed horoscopes

      Tuesday, July 26, 2005

      Basecamp theory

      Ian had gone on and on about his theory. Both him and me, we are the sort of person you can describe as a 'Base Camp': people pass by your life, know you, love you, leave you... and drift back to you when in need of support, warmth. Help.

      Joke or not, we went through our various relationships, not just lovers but also friends... and it has been quite a pattern.

      Joan, my ex, whom I was losing when I started this blog, has split up with his current girlfriend and is counting me as his closest friend to go through his depressions and moods. He admits he feels bad about 'using me' now he's going through all this, 'after all I made you suffer' -but I am in fact quite enjoying the intimacy we had gained again while he was still going out with the girl, and am happy he knows I'll be there as a friend whenever he needs me.

      Though I must admit it does sting every now and then.

      Thursday, July 21, 2005

      The incident is continuing.

      Just read on the Times Online, while glancing through the news on todays' scare:

      Large parts of London were cordoned off after the bombs, including University College Hospital, near Warren Street, where armed police reportedly chased a man - thought to be a bomber - into the building.
      Soon afterwards, an internal memo was circulated among hospital staff asking them to be on the alert for a black or Asian man, 6ft 2ins in height, wearing a blue top with a hole in the back with wires protruding from it.
      A press spokesman for the hospital confirmed that armed officers were inside. The incident is continuing.

      It's the last sentence that most worries me... For how long???

      Monday, July 18, 2005


      Dragging two big envelopes from work, for the las three hours, not noticing any post boxes and worrying about losing them.

      Right now, propped by the screen. Just in case.

      Better post them before drinking meeting my friends.

      Friday, July 15, 2005


      • 15 - 17/07/05Copyfight Copiright, copyleft and copyfight!

      • 15 - 17/07/05Interferencias...Performance and vindication

      • Every Tuesday Golferichsoffers free live music.

      • 6/7: URBAN ACTIVITY, electronic jazz at Golferichs

      • The Verdi cinemas show short films or cortometrajes free at 21:45h (Verdi)& 22:10h (Verdi Park)

      • Been told there's this free open air Reggae festival at the Parc de l'Espanya Industrial - Sants Estació-on Saturday 16th, planning to check it out but haven't seen any info.

      Monday, July 11, 2005

      Tell you why I was so silent...

      ...Because I was concentrating on my new career. That, and more in the Okokitsme mood.

      Right, first I was studying, and had a load of homework to see to. Also, dedicating ever sooo much time to jobhunting, and getting involved with a few blogs and bloggers who kept reading my Other Blog, specially because it was in Spanish -but not only.

      I didn't have much time to blog here too. Nor did I feel like the thoughts were for this one, but the other blog.

      Take it as it is, or forget about it. I know a few other people with more than one blog, and they tend to do this sort of thing every now and then too. So enough about this.

      Then this new job turned up. Very promising, but really hard to get used to -once again, loads of new info to get used to, and if this time I didn't have to learn by heart the codes for medical equipment and every little dangly bitty in plastic or wire we may need to replace, I did have to get deeply involved in Procedures, and corrections, and almost forcing people into sticking to newly implanted procedures in a nice, happy-go-lucky environment. And try not to be the Bitch From Hell to them.

      Which seems to have been the case. Quite integrated now in the team, I've been given the assistant they'd promised me for September. She has started today. And I have been given a higher pay rise than agreed, and after only a month and a half, instead of the six months we'd accepted.

      So, I guess, it was well worth dropping this blog for a while ;)

      But am back.


      P.S.: For those of you who used to read me... Summer Season has been officially inaugurated... New lovers Whiskey&Red Bull Artistic and Cultural activities for free in the street, freedom after work... You know what I mean ;)

      Tuesday, June 28, 2005

      Back at last

      Sorry, sorry, sorry. Shame on me and all that shit shite stuff. Blah blah blah.

      Funny how who most complains is who regularly reads my active blog and, probably, hasn't bothered checking the secretarial one -no wonder! ;)

      As soon as I get my stuff organized, I'll be posting here again. Summer >> No son around >> more spare time after work >> loadsastuff to read, gals!

      See you soon... and if you do really miss me, let me know ;)

      Wednesday, May 11, 2005



      Keeping my mouth shut for what seemed ages has worked -am starting at a new job on Friday 13th!

      By the way...

      I admit I've abandoned this blog a bit, while posting up to twice a day -or more- on what was supposed to be the Alter Ego. In fact, have seen some signs of decay coming up. But as am gradually getting back to my Jeckyll moods, and shaking out Mr. Hyde, I guess I'll get back into these shoes soon.

      One of the main reasons is I got read by quite a few bloggers who I appreciate and who wouldn't follow me in English, so I got used to my Spanish blog. Another reason is, as I stated when I created it, that I was not feeling comfortable with my old blog... but that's over now. I've seen the same old thing happen elsewhere so I know I'm not the only one out there getting in and out of blog-moods ;)

      Just a few more hours

      ...and I'll find out.

      Can't help telling people, can't really let myself tell everybody yet.

      But am so sure it would be a real blow in the stomach if it doesn't happen.

      Friday, April 29, 2005

      Why I should have studied science

      ...or at least stuck to my technical side when I was a teenager, starting to learn BASIC but bored by the nerdness of it all

      technical problems

      Monday, April 25, 2005

      New Sighting

      Remember The Man, The Macho Borracho? Well, he might have been out of sight, but not out of mind...

      I had been wondering if he'd even left town, or moved elsewhere. I had horrible visions of him finally finding His Woman in the -must admit, quite interesting- woman I last saw him with. Hadn't bumped into him since September, living only a metro stop away from him and having the habit of passing by similar areas...

      I finally saw him pass by the window while eating a sandwich at a bar near his flat -don't know EXACTLY where, but I do now it's near that building X"D. That was just after Easter.

      This Saturday I finally got to see him again, and thought mught have a chance to talk. But he was absent. Strange. Probably feeling down, not himself. Not dancing. Not even drinking. Just talking now and then to people who went up to him. When I moved up to him, making a casual remark -Not dancing? Lack of space or lack of energy?- he was sort of apathic, moody. He talked to me a bit, but I saw it was best to leave him to his thoughts.

      As I watched him later on, he was still the same, talking to a friend, and soon left.

      God, how I wish I could get closer. It was, actually, the time I've felt less warmth and response to me since we met, years and years ago. Must stop being childish -shhhhh!

      Wednesday, April 13, 2005

      She's done it again!

      Eva's had another accident!!!!

      Now she seems to have finally got a settlement about the time the bus knocked her down, and has had her false teeth nicely fitted, she fell doing summersaults and cartwheels in an underground parking space -Mary Anne, no comment! -Vel, empty your mouth then laugh!

      So she has a broken elbow and I am not only helping her to type -do her homework. I have also to open her beer bottles, carry her stuff around...

      Monday, April 11, 2005

      Yes, as Unky says...

      I am quite busy lately -stop laughing, Mary-Anne- and have just realized I haven't posted here lately.

      To sum it up: I am still looking for work and in the process of Becoming Officially a Secretary. Hard, as I can not focus on their typical speech tone and have become too used to dressing extra-casually during the last -gulp!- 10 months, almost.

      Been to a few interesting interviews, just been told I'm out of yet another process I've been going through. Am still waiting on a certain project, and am totally out of The China Project U.U

      For some reason, I seem to write more often at other places... check the Btracks if you're desperately looking for news ;D

      Saturday, March 26, 2005

      My Free Sample Personal Astrology Profile

      Birth Date and Time..... March 26, 1968 12:30 AM
      Location............. West Hartlepool, United Kingdom
      Sign.................... Aries

      Your Sample Reading:
      Help Glossary

      Section 1: How You Approach Life and How You Appear To OthersYou are
      very strong-willed and proud, but intensely private and not easy to know well.
      Behind your quiet exterior lies a great deal of emotional depth, sensitivity,
      complexity, and also fierce determination. When you want something you go after
      it rather quietly but insistently and wholeheartedly - and you usually get it. Find
      out more with your full-length reading...

      Section 2: The Inner You: Your Real MotivationYou are a person who
      thrives on challenge, and you often feel that you must battle your way through
      life, depending upon no one and nothing but your own strength, intelligence, and
      courage. You believe in being totally honest, true to oneself and one's own
      vision and convictions, even if that means standing alone. Honesty, integrity,
      personal honor, and authenticity are your gods, and you have no sympathy for
      weakness of character in others. Find out more with your full-length reading...

      Now that you've read
      your Free Sample Personal Profile, discuss it with a live astrologer for free!


      It's funny, I don't usually go for this sort of thing, but it came from my Birthday Alarms for free... and its quite accurate!!! Ô_o -What do you think, Mary-Anne, Vel? -better than the .extension thingy yesterday :P

      Friday, March 25, 2005

      Fun (?) ;)

      Going through Brian's page I just had to take this test.

      You are .cgi Your life seems a bit too scripted, and sometimes you are exploited.  Still a  workhorse though.
      Which File Extension are You?

      Yes, you guessed it: I found a cheaper cyber un town ;)

      Thursday, March 24, 2005

      Easter Babies

      Now I've got a few days with my family, at least I can get closer to my cuuuuuute nephew:

      How cute!


      ...And this morning I woke up to read a text message from poliwhirl, saying Allison was born yesterday XDDDDD

      Monday, March 21, 2005

      At least the interview was ok!

      Had to leave my son at MacDonald's again, as it was drizzling when I went to the interview. I had planned to leave him at some swings nearby, but couldn't leave him alone in the rain!

      What else now?

      Was watching TV with my son & cat, cozy family evening with low light, the air heater on and all three of us huddled up on the couch, blanket on us, feeling close and comfy.

      Suddenly, as I was dozing off, my son elbowed me asking what was happening to the lamp!? It was spluttering, going on/off weirdly, so I got up to check, couldn't see much to it and switched it off saying the bulb must be about to go off.

      Hours later, a bit chilly, I went to the fridge for some more food for my son -a.k.a. The Eating Machine- and as I open the door, the light doesn't go on! uh-oh! No, I start touching different bits of food, yoghourts, drink cartons, and they are cold, but not as they should be!

      You're right: the whole electric line that goes along this wall has conked out. Hahaha. Great. Sunday evening. Loads of things to do on Monday, as we're leaving on Tuesday for Easter holidays. And I have a doctor's appointment at 3 for my son, and a job interview at 5!

      Electritian swanks in this morning, fortunately he could give me a mo before going to some *important repairs* and he checked my wall with a beep machiny thing.

      Yes, the two sockets here are not working, but this one here does, so I've
      plugged your cord here and plugged the fridge into it, moved the two cupboards
      and bookshelf so it looks tidier, and shall come tomorrow, to mend it all. Now,
      at least, the fridge is ok, the food won't go off. 29 euro, please ;D

      Friday, March 18, 2005

      Happy Easter!

      Probably not going to post much in Easter -maybe some vents on the b-track.

      Am spending Easter with my family [shudder, shudder] so I'll be listening to those theories about what I like reading and what I don't, about the kind of film I'd like to be watching instead of whatever I'm sitting through in family... Anyway, at least Baby shall be centre of attention and leave me to hide in a corner for a while :D

      By the way, it had been quite a while since I'd got an invite to talk with someone on the Y! Messenger and flicked to a pornfile like this one! Promises are promises, I'm still making them public. No, I didn't reply to him... it was 'Ignore'.

      Thursday, March 17, 2005


      Why do you have to spend weeks sending c.v.s to get no reply, and then get four phonecalls one same day, some when you just can not pick the phone, with no number to reply to as they are from some big corporation system that says 'We are affraid you are calling the Automatic Answering Machine, which is now saturated. Thank you for calling'???

      Why do you get a call for an interview just as you're walking into another interview, switching the phone off, and have to make your mind up in seconds as whether to pick the phone or ignore and shut it off???

      Perhaps the chaos in "Popup" has something to do with it.

      Me? I've just got out of the trance sitting in front of the pc watching reverse.-flash.-back

      Sunday, March 13, 2005

      All in the family

      Been to see my parents and little V! ...well, ok, also my sis & bro'nlaw
      Am so amazed at my sister's change!!! She actually has become Patient!!!
      Anyway, am really glad V is feeding better and putting weight on -he was born prematurely, remember?

      C & V C & V Chary

      And I know these pics are mainly of my sister, not the baby...

      Thursday, March 10, 2005


      The course is over!!!!!!! -38 minutes ago ; )

      Now there's NO EXCUSE!!! Serious jobhunting ahead. Yesterday evening I got a phonecall for an interview, but the wage was lower than quoted on the offer. This morning I got a call saying I hadn't been chosen for a certain job, but still in another process. Sigh, back to this again ¬¬

      Monday, March 07, 2005


      Seems weird how people stare at me today at Financial Risks session, just because I'm covered by glitter. I went to a theatre yesterday, and the magician gave my son some glitter powder to help him on a trick. The glitter ended all over me, and is hard to get rid of. But is pretty.

      The motto today seems Is that glitter you've got on your hair???!!!...And everywhere else???!!!!

      Saturday, February 26, 2005

      This reminded me of Oliver

      I'm An Official Crazy Cat Person!

      Are you a Crazy Cat Person? Take The Quiz.

      Tuesday, February 22, 2005


      Seems strange seeing my little sister as a mother. Seeing how she hasthank god! changed , she's more patient -not saying much!- and seems... sweeter.

      But then you see her hubby calming the baby, you see her commanding the operation of The Bath, you hear rules reminded quickly -it's not right to shower now, dear, what were you thinking? can't you see it's babybathtime? You see how it takes 8 hands to bath a baby and many trips back and fro to get stuff left in baby's room.

      Then even my mother admitted the baby had been fretful because of my sister's nerves at first, and broinlaw was calming both.

      Still, it's weird... and baby is so beautiful, so minute, so delicate...

      Saturday, February 12, 2005

      Love is (not) in the air

      Valentine round the corner, and no-one to cuddle into? Why not end it all with the Love Gun -may not kill you, but shall give a final twist to your reputation!

      Job search again

      Well, all my plans of finishing my course before getting back to intensive jobhunting have gone down the hole: Am getting over a hundred euro less from this month on, so I can't afford to go on studying and taking my time. I did get paid for the computer literacy workshop I gave at Hugo's school, but that wasn't much and shall simply cover my negative balance and give me a few days' rest. Not even 'till I get my next pay.

      Now I was starting to feel happy again, useful, inspired... there it all flops again!

      Anyway, am glad I saw G. last week, he's progressed so much since I last saw him! And, talking about progressing, my nephew is also catching up and shall soon be home.

      One, two, three: booooo-riiiiing! I know, I know, just been writing a long post elsewhere, and can't be bothered...

      Friday, February 11, 2005

      Hour&half at ciber + a can of Red Bull (R)

      Not been too avaolable on this blog, though you can catch me up on the B-sides...

      Money driving me mad, getting less from the State from this month on since I've been on the dole for over 6 months -which no-one had been bothered to inform me about!

      The other thing is the looong selection process O'd been in has ended with a virtual tie-up between me and someone else, and guess who was finally left out? Sigh times 300!

      Anyway, down to the cyber with a can of Red Bull (R), to check on job offers once again, and set my mind to work.

      Tuesday, February 01, 2005

      I see you caugth an earlier ticket!

      Well, in case you didn't kow, my sister was pregnant. Her whole pregnancy has been as stressful as could be expected, and she
      1. Phoned and smsed people as soon with the news, Predictor(R) still in hand
      2. Almost lost the child a few hours after realizing she was pregnant
      3. Had to spend 10 days in bed/on couch after that, to let the baby settle
      4. Quit working fultime, went on to part-time, as the doctors said she could 'go back to normal life' and full-time work seemed un-normal
      5. by the time she was two-month pregnant she stopped doing the shopping, being her hubby the one in charge by then..

      ... Need to continue? Anyway, I'd guessed she'd have a premature baby, and so she has! On the 33rd. week, but baby's fine, in incubator, and she's ok, considering all the complications in these premature ceasarian births. I did ask her, Can't you ever take it easy? Couldn't you just give birth at due time?

      Well, in any case, am glad it's over. Now the baby days come!!!!!!!!

      Tuesday, January 11, 2005

      Time for romance?

      NW is back on his attacks. He seems to be mad about me again. Phones to say he misses me. Phones saying he's been thinking of me all day long. Sends sweet sms that almost make me blush.


      I'm not in love with him. I love him, I like him, but have ben going on and on at this same story for years. About 7 years now, with a 2 year break when I was with my bf. And he admitted it would be easier when we got back together again, last year. He knew I was never going to live with him.

      But he keeps on trying.

      Feels nice up to certain extent. Then I start feeling weird. Daren't phone him when I feel like meeting, as he may get too many ideas in his mind if we spend too much time together.

      God, life seems much easier for those who are married!!!

      Saturday, January 08, 2005


      Once more, been hiding at home for some days. Thinking. Driving myself mad. Over and over.

      Then, bang! my son is back, and with him the need to behave myself. To be cheerful. Happy, even. And usually he does help me snap out of my moods... Specially now, Christmas time, Kings and so on.

      But. Last night I found out someone I know is much worse than me. REALLY!

      We had dinner last night. He'd also studied philosophy, and specialized in Aesthetics.

      He's trying to find himself lately, he'd dedicated too much time to earning money, and lost his emotional intelligence. And is trying to find a way back.

      He told me last night, as a matter of fact, that when he reads most books, he copies them out on his pc, types them all word by word, then he separates the sentences and grades by importance. He does that with most books he reads, except novels.

      I felt sane.

      Sunday, January 02, 2005

      Giggling old men

      ...sitting next to me, the youngest must be about 60, were trying out their 'appeal' on a chat. Hilarious. They spoke Spanish with a southern, rural accent. One was typing, another one was giving ideas, and a third one was explaining what it was all about to the fourth old man. This was on New Year's Day, at a cyber, surrounded by loud youth and feeling totally integrated.

      They seemed to get into a porn link. That cyber has a strong protection against porn. The typical notice flashed up in English, warning the page was forbidden. They were reading the English as if it where Spanish, letter by letter, and one asked "So, where are the girls?".

      Had to log off and leave hiding my laughter in a fake conversation on my phone. Just couldn't strain my eyes to check their chat lines any longer.

      Happy New Year.