Monday, March 07, 2005


Seems weird how people stare at me today at Financial Risks session, just because I'm covered by glitter. I went to a theatre yesterday, and the magician gave my son some glitter powder to help him on a trick. The glitter ended all over me, and is hard to get rid of. But is pretty.

The motto today seems Is that glitter you've got on your hair???!!!...And everywhere else???!!!!


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHHAH! I bet they´re having all kind of scenarios as to what, how and where it happened (...the naughty glitter game...)!!! Bet they´re secretly wanting to see all the glitter . hahahahhah
The things you do to people! It never ends. V

O.k.,o.k.! said...

YES!!! And not only did I go like this to the class, but also to the Social Worker, who met me for the first time, to find out if I'll be able to get any benefits... She must think 'of course she has no money, she dolls up in glitter just to come to see me!'And on Tuesday I went to the Stock Market and to a TV show, as audience... still with a bit of glitter showing!!!