Saturday, August 27, 2005

Soon to come...

  • Changes on the template. But when I have time to do it, and a secure pc... Am usin lousy cibers now because they are cheap, and sometimes they don't even warn you of your remaining time... You can guess the rest ;)
  • Pics from my trip to Colera, nera Portbou... beautiful place, just waiting for my photos to develop ;)
  • Dedication. There I go, I am feeling like coming back to this blog a bit more often again, so...

And, I hope, a few changes in my personal life. Am making my mind up -now it's a matter of actually going ahead with it!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

My own fault

Here I am. Been messing around a bit too much these last few days, bad moods and tiredness being the excuse.

Now I had everything quite scheduled for the last three days before my holidays, and then...

I'm having to do this evening what I expected to do tomorrow in 5 hours. Because tomorrow morning I shall have a long, unexpected meeting, and then I'll have to help re-organize the last of our old filing system. And I had already scheduled tomorrow afternoon to go through everything my assistant shall have to do while I'm away, and see if my indications are clear and she understands what and when..

Yesterday I was quite happy thinking I had most of it seen to, I'm actually ahead of myself and have solved things due for next week and so on. Now I realize I should have taken more seriously those corny secretarial tips in the mags, and left twice or three times as much of my daily schedule free for The Unexpected!

Anyway, not going to post while camping :P but probably will do once am back.

C. U.!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Pisssssed off, I am

No, my assistant is not going to have her part of our task done in time.

I guess it shall all fall back on me, as I agreed on her taking two days off last week. But how the hell did she go onto doing this other shit for september, instead of our basic task to give in tomorrow???!!!

Am not correcting the partial ammendments, as there may be major changes still and it would be useless.

But, of course, the R. A. Officers are now freaking out because they can't cope with tables in Word, and are wasting so much time adjusting format that they are not progressing in the real work, compiling information in the tables.

Sometimes I do wish I could start off some new Church. Talk people into my knowledge, get them to see me. Remember, Mary-Anne?

Stuuuuuuupid summer

I have hardly noticed it's summer this year.

I mean, it's hot, o.k. And I have had a few nights out, as you can read at the other blog -even had the odd flirt and so on. And more than so on, anyway.

I have also had some friends in town for a month, with the logical change of sights, spending time with them, new conversation, actually talking intelligent stuff with them instead of the typical crap.

Yet, I still don't feel I'm in summer. House is a crappy mess, as I hardly realize I've been -gulp!- over a month without Hugo around, and keep postponing the really needed 'spring clean and turn it all inside out'. Have only been to the beach once this year, and only thanks to the aforementioned visitors. No beachy evenings lazying on the sand, after work. No cycling around town -the fact I haven't got a bike might help there.

Not even last week, sitting on a soggy beach deck chair, at the CCCB's cinema sesion, did I feel quite in August.

Suggestions, please.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Can't believe it

Driving me mad, this is

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


  • CCCB starts today its August open air film cycle: Gandules... Original Versions, odd films, usually a cool atmosphere to spend a hot summer night: Tue-Fri, at 10:00 p.m., free entrance but don't go too late.

  • CaixaForum also opens every Wednesday 'till midnight, and has free activities and/or really cheap ones -dance, live music, videoart...

  • MACBA is open 'till midnight on Thursdays

  • The Verdi cinemas show short films or cortometrajes free at 21:45h (Verdi)& 22:10h (Verdi Park)

  • Still in time to catch the last few Thursday Film Sessions at Fort Pienc (Near Arc de Trionf) at ten p.m., too.