Wednesday, August 17, 2005

My own fault

Here I am. Been messing around a bit too much these last few days, bad moods and tiredness being the excuse.

Now I had everything quite scheduled for the last three days before my holidays, and then...

I'm having to do this evening what I expected to do tomorrow in 5 hours. Because tomorrow morning I shall have a long, unexpected meeting, and then I'll have to help re-organize the last of our old filing system. And I had already scheduled tomorrow afternoon to go through everything my assistant shall have to do while I'm away, and see if my indications are clear and she understands what and when..

Yesterday I was quite happy thinking I had most of it seen to, I'm actually ahead of myself and have solved things due for next week and so on. Now I realize I should have taken more seriously those corny secretarial tips in the mags, and left twice or three times as much of my daily schedule free for The Unexpected!

Anyway, not going to post while camping :P but probably will do once am back.

C. U.!


poliwhirl said...

Secretarial tips in mags? Really? What mags? You have mags?! Surreal.

O.k.,o.k.! said...

I receive AT HOME 'La Revista de la Secretaria de Dirección' for free, as a member of the Consejo General del Secretariado (!) and loyal reader o "" -Remember my Stanislavsky period?

poliwhirl said...

Juah, juah juah!!!! :D