Monday, March 21, 2005

What else now?

Was watching TV with my son & cat, cozy family evening with low light, the air heater on and all three of us huddled up on the couch, blanket on us, feeling close and comfy.

Suddenly, as I was dozing off, my son elbowed me asking what was happening to the lamp!? It was spluttering, going on/off weirdly, so I got up to check, couldn't see much to it and switched it off saying the bulb must be about to go off.

Hours later, a bit chilly, I went to the fridge for some more food for my son -a.k.a. The Eating Machine- and as I open the door, the light doesn't go on! uh-oh! No, I start touching different bits of food, yoghourts, drink cartons, and they are cold, but not as they should be!

You're right: the whole electric line that goes along this wall has conked out. Hahaha. Great. Sunday evening. Loads of things to do on Monday, as we're leaving on Tuesday for Easter holidays. And I have a doctor's appointment at 3 for my son, and a job interview at 5!

Electritian swanks in this morning, fortunately he could give me a mo before going to some *important repairs* and he checked my wall with a beep machiny thing.

Yes, the two sockets here are not working, but this one here does, so I've
plugged your cord here and plugged the fridge into it, moved the two cupboards
and bookshelf so it looks tidier, and shall come tomorrow, to mend it all. Now,
at least, the fridge is ok, the food won't go off. 29 euro, please ;D