Monday, July 11, 2005

Tell you why I was so silent...

...Because I was concentrating on my new career. That, and more in the Okokitsme mood.

Right, first I was studying, and had a load of homework to see to. Also, dedicating ever sooo much time to jobhunting, and getting involved with a few blogs and bloggers who kept reading my Other Blog, specially because it was in Spanish -but not only.

I didn't have much time to blog here too. Nor did I feel like the thoughts were for this one, but the other blog.

Take it as it is, or forget about it. I know a few other people with more than one blog, and they tend to do this sort of thing every now and then too. So enough about this.

Then this new job turned up. Very promising, but really hard to get used to -once again, loads of new info to get used to, and if this time I didn't have to learn by heart the codes for medical equipment and every little dangly bitty in plastic or wire we may need to replace, I did have to get deeply involved in Procedures, and corrections, and almost forcing people into sticking to newly implanted procedures in a nice, happy-go-lucky environment. And try not to be the Bitch From Hell to them.

Which seems to have been the case. Quite integrated now in the team, I've been given the assistant they'd promised me for September. She has started today. And I have been given a higher pay rise than agreed, and after only a month and a half, instead of the six months we'd accepted.

So, I guess, it was well worth dropping this blog for a while ;)

But am back.


P.S.: For those of you who used to read me... Summer Season has been officially inaugurated... New lovers Whiskey&Red Bull Artistic and Cultural activities for free in the street, freedom after work... You know what I mean ;)