Sunday, January 02, 2005

Giggling old men

...sitting next to me, the youngest must be about 60, were trying out their 'appeal' on a chat. Hilarious. They spoke Spanish with a southern, rural accent. One was typing, another one was giving ideas, and a third one was explaining what it was all about to the fourth old man. This was on New Year's Day, at a cyber, surrounded by loud youth and feeling totally integrated.

They seemed to get into a porn link. That cyber has a strong protection against porn. The typical notice flashed up in English, warning the page was forbidden. They were reading the English as if it where Spanish, letter by letter, and one asked "So, where are the girls?".

Had to log off and leave hiding my laughter in a fake conversation on my phone. Just couldn't strain my eyes to check their chat lines any longer.

Happy New Year.