Tuesday, December 28, 2004

X-mas fun

X-mas fun

As every year, back home again for 24-25-26th and expected to be there 'till the 27th... but fortunately, a friend of mine was back in town only for Xmas, so I had to leave on the 26th in order to meet him. And we had been trying to see each other for over two weeks, so there was no doubt what to do!

One of the things I've noticed lately is that my son is getting to see through my family, noticing the little things that piss me off -how my sister's soooooo incredible in every single thing she does, while as I am a disaster and even my son behaves better if I'm not around! So, now I have an ally to whisper to at night, talking things over... On the other hand, I don't want him to get too distant from my family. Must find the right point.

Anyway, our best moments were 1) opening the presents, 2) the half hour I made my son wait in bed with me before going down to look for them, so it wouldn't be too early for everyone else, and 3) our excursions to the swings, on our own!

The worst moment was the night of the 25th, my sister having another go at us, shouting and bangign doors as we'd woken her up! -This was impossible, the noise from her room was before we walked up the stairs and into 'her area'. I thought I'd walked into an argument between her and her husband, but it seems it was all due to me -so uncaring, so stupid!