Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Cat invasion
Cat invasion,
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Cat invasion

Went to visit my parents & sister. And brother in law, ok... but hardly saw him. Am not too used to living in a big family house, as I've spent so long sharing flats with friends or on my own, with my son. Am not too social, familywise -MA, check-spell that one for me ;).

But one thing that IS fun is checking out the new additions to the Family Zoo they have -hens, for the eggs, a turtle and a tortoise, a fish pond in the garden, a couple of fish tanks at home, a small bitch female dog and a larger male one, and a house cat downstairs with my parents and another one upstairs with my sis and broinlaw... plus a variety of street -or, more accurately, garden- cats they feed. Their latest love is tricky, who has stolen the position to Lady... Feeding them three times a day and managing not to let the dog eat the cats' food is real fun for Hugo!!!

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My sister's cat...
As to my sister's cat, Diana, she's as fussy as her owner, so when her vegetarian mother is away, her cheating granny gives her york ham and bits of chicken -but still has to follow the rituals the cat demands!

This weekend was a long one, and there was a gathering of about 10 people for lunch at one time. All quite confused about what it is I'm studying, and even about me not having a boyfriend -they just found out I was with someone when I had actually split up allready... but that's another story! NEXT WEEK is gonna be even worse, like some corny film: my spanish granma is 95, so we're all gathering for a meal at a restaurant. Spanish family's all can really mean ALL!!! over 20 people, so far. I have no excuse not to go. Yet.

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Feeling much better now I'm back home with my cat and son -full stop! ;)