Monday, May 10, 2004

well, surprise surprise!

Just came into Blogger to jot down some stuff and... Taa-daaa!!! I find this whole new format and stuff!!!

Don't know about you lot, but it seems it may work better now, not having to surf so much to find the extras...

By the way, Hi mousey boy, Comments added due to popular request :P

What I haven't found out yet, and is of great interest, is How The Hell Do You Create An Archive By Subjects???!!! I've been thinking of making an archive according to some of my main subjects/moods: The Coffee Hunt, Political stuff, Work Shit, etc... Any help anyone?


havemousewillclick said...

Glad to see you havee these up and running at last.

Wannted to bee forst on the guest map. I can only view it tough ! no postie postie for me.

Hail Hail