Monday, May 24, 2004


At least this week I KNOW it will get worse: my big boss is coming to our Barcelona office for two days, kinda inspection, and we're not exactly sure what he wants.

And he's been sacking people at the headquarters lately... and someone phoned today here asking about a job offer, my boss said it was a mistake BUT...

My boss here seems happy with me. My boss at the Headquarters, the President, was happy with me, and said so to my direct boss a month ago. Has any of the bitches at the HQ made any comments? they have caused more than one secretary lose their jobs... the bitches being the President's wife, who has very little work to do and amuses herself giving everyone else extra work checking things out for the n-th time, and the Head of Administration, who has been working with them for years and is the President's direct assistant. If either of them decides you're out, you shall be out. And there's no way of knowing, as they're the typical double-talking bitches.

sigh! I guess I'll have to start studying languages... Harrap's Rat-English Dictionary is a good start!