Friday, May 14, 2004

Weekend plans based on Malena

As always, cancelled.

Last week:
Male: Come round for the weekend. We can go out. We'll go to Sitges
Me: Got Hugo this weekend. Do you still want me to come?
Male: Well... errrmmm... I haven't got my sons this weekend and kinda fancied going out.
Me: O.k., no prob.
Male: Or you could come round on Friday, then I'd go out on Sat night, and we have dinner and laughs on friday...
Me: Fine, so we do that!
Male: Just let me confirm on Thursday night


Thursday, Last Week:
Male: Oh, better come next week, I'll have my kids here and they'll look after yours while we're out
Me: Sure. Dare I tell Hugo, or should I wait?
Male: Nooo, go ahead, we're definitely doing that

Wednesday this week:
Me: So, we're going on Friday, but not staying the weekend. Mum's in hospital and I should go on SAt night or Sunday for lunch with them all.
Male: Ooohhh, well. Fine, Friday night you and Hugo.

Wednesday, later that night:
Male: I've decided yu'll sleep in xx's room with Hugo, and both my kids will sleep together in xx's room...
Me: Fine
Male: Instead of you in the guest room, as usual, better?
Me: Hey, I just want to see you and have dinner and two bottles of wine.
Me: Each.
Male: Hahaha, yeah, o.k. But let me check on the kid's plans and confirm tomorrow.
Me: I'll kill you
Male: Nooo, you're coming anyway, no problem.

Wednesday night:
Me: By the way, Carlinhos Brown -cool webpage too, click on the hand to enter...- is playing for free in Bcn on Sat, so if I dont go to see my parents, I'll definitely go to see him.
Male: Oooooooooohhhhh, yeeeeesssss...
Me: You know Carlinhos Brown, right?
Male: Yessss
Me: ?
Male: Well, yesss, we can go on Saturday with the kids, if it's at 8:30, fine, we'll come down to Bcn with you
Me: You'll like him. Trust me. Got it right with Ojos de Brujo, didn't I?
Male: You got me. Don't know him. I think.
Me: O.k., talk tomorrow, but I'm coming on Friday
Male: Yes. Bye.


Thursday night, late (for her standards)
Me: [mobile's answerphone] Male, I'm going with Hugo and I'm gonna be at your place around dinner time. Say something.
Me: [Landline's answerphone] Malena!!!! I'm going to your place -right???? say something!!!

Thursday night, 20 minutes later:
Male: Hey, did you ring me?
Me: Yes
Male: Are you at home now?
Me: Yes.
Male: I'll ring you right back.


Friday morning:

Friday lunchtime:
SMS from Male: Got serious problems with xxx (her teenager son), family meeting tonight, school problems, I'll tell you later if we're going to Bcn tomorrow

:P times ten

No mention on sorry I fucked you up just as you're getting on the train almost oh my dear friend.

Not the first time she's done it, either.

oh, well. Eva!!!! What's up?


Anonymous said...

...hhhhmmmmmmmmm sounds familiar, happens to me with my best friend too

Why not just drop into her place without warning?

O.k.,o.k.! said...

Well, it's really dary to do so 'coz she does travel a lot, and I might spend about an hour on trains & buses to find out she's gone to Milano, Italy, to see her mom!