Friday, May 14, 2004

Bumped into Hugo's dad

Knew I didn't want to meet my friend at that bar, told her so, don't take Hugo there, it's risky...

So, off she chirps, We're at B., come round, we're giving with the baby...
No! Not there, please, you know I don't want to go there...

It's safe, girl! Haven't seen him here for ages...

And his mates are there...

Nah, no problem!

Had to go down that bar, then. Passing just in front of his shop, by the logical way to go there, or really close any other way.

Went the long way round... just to find him standing at the entrance of the bar.

Shall go through the three @#@$% hours I had him around, insisting in walking us to the underground even.

Playing poor victim of racism.

Playing Mr. Nice Guy who made a Faux Pas.

Pretending not to remember half the things he'd done to us.

Yeah, at moments we were laughing, managed to talk about things in a light way, friends and stuff. Trying to make it easier for a while. Not too harsh onHugo, with us. But I'm not forgetting.

And not leting him pretend he forgot, either.