Monday, May 10, 2004

Must do something moneywise...

Got some money lent about a month ago, to pay my son's school debts, and am being asked to pay it back now. Which I knew I'd have to do, of course, but can not do right now... Unless I go for an extension on my Instant Credit scheme, which I didn't want to do.

But, in that case, I'll be able to pay off some other debts, and try and keep some extra cash for June, see if I can make it to a Weekend in London or so.

Xavi was trying to tempt me into going off with him for a long weekend if we found a cheap flight somewhere, and camp wherever... but people don't seem to understand what I mean when i say I can't afford it!!! they keep thinking I'm exagerating!!!

Still, I may try and do something with Xavi, I think we'd have fun on our own for a day or two, like in The Good Old Days when we were sharing that tiny flat...