Monday, May 17, 2004

Great. Gmail Error

After all. Started getting all my e-news etc sent to gmail, my official stuff that consumes space... and ta-da... error and can't even try to log in.

Wish it were my biggest problem right now...

Yet, although I still want to go on ahead and tell you about my conversation(s) with my son's father, and how he was saying out loud in front of my son and his other 2 kids that if I didn't help him, he'd be in prison today, Monday 17th... it seems I've been able to find out the truth behind it all.

I was right about the terms of the sentence

I was right about it being a warning for him to turn up and start paying

I made the most of my morning off to go see the doctor about my back, and find out what's going on.But he did go and solve it himself, me waiting in the wrong building for him and finding out later, when cussing him 'coz he didn't answer to his mobile... I managed to find out where I should head to ask about the terms and the exact figure he's gonna pay.


It'll all make more sense soon, when telling about it all.

Ah. By the way, my back is still hurting. Got a cream, and some more pills.

Need some days off.