Wednesday, May 12, 2004

'If I weren't in hospital myself, I'd come round to look after you'

She actually did say these words!

Who? well, who else but my mother could say this line???

Let's see... She's just had a hysterectomy, yesterday. Has relatives and family there all day long, refused my offer to take a day off work and go for the op. Fine for me, too... I just phoned her again, she's really glad I'm on the phone about 3-4 times a day to make up for no visits -they don't live in Barcelona, so it's a matter of a 90-minute-train-trip to see them anyway. Listened to all her talk about who has phoned her, and who has visited, and who has brought her which presies, and... after a loooong loooong soliloquy, which was my best proof she's feeling better, she stopped a sec. to ask how was my day?!

I told her about my virus and my fall, and she gave me that classic reply!!! Followed up by the boring ...shame you don't live here (in their 2-storey-house, with mom, dad, granny, sis and brother-in-law!!!???) so I could help you in these cases, look after Hugo, bring your lunch to your bed...

HEY!!! Remember she's the one in hospital, and I've not fallen in about 9 years!!! Mind you, she does fall over quite often, though, and so does my granny, which makes me think...

Hell, no!!!!

Next thing I'll know, I'll be phoning my son and offering to go to his place and give it a spring clean, and asking him if he has a girlfriend yet and what was wrong with the last girl I'd heard his friends talking about?

Which reminds me: Check what you say, Mary-Anne, if you happen to phone my mom... she's always trying to find out names, and has questioned me in the past about Luis because you'd mentioned him, and she'd phoned Oliver quite often at a cetain stage, to ask him if Bernard was always stoned or only when visiting he, and stuff like that.