Friday, May 21, 2004

Monty Python Mailing

How else do you find out about the new Mr. Creosote Vomiting Figure, from The meaning Of Life? I swear it would be a great prezie for my sis, being one of our favourite gags...

...or the Black Beast of Aaarrrggghhhh with voicechip from The Holy Grail... or the great Monty Python Killer Rabbit... quote the description on the new version:

The new, boxed version of Monty Python's Rabbit with Big Pointy Teeth (from Monty Python's The Quest for the Holy Grail). This item is plush and features details from the special world of Monty Python.
Rabbit with big pointy teeth...really big teeth. And pointy. I mean, just look at the chompers on this bunny. It'd mangle a man in seconds, that rabbit. Just let him out of his protective casing and he'd do you a treat, mate. I mean really, take a gander at the sheer size -- not that end! --of that rodent's canines. You mess with him and you'll be sorry... CAUTION! Sharp Pointy Teeth! Remove with care. Better yet, don't remove. Personally inspected by Sir Bors. Would have been personally approved by Sir Bors too, but...Added Bonus! Digestive tract of rabbit includes Sir Bors.

Perfect for a silly Friday-working-till-3 day, waiting for the clock to stike Weekend :D