Monday, May 24, 2004

Weekend? what weekend?

Had a weekend without Hugo and many plans to make the most of it, involving -but not only- a) having a night out with Joan, my ex, as he's staying this weekend here without his gf, and b) hunting N., at the bar he said I should pass by, as he's usually there, or at the disco where I usually see him.

On Friday afternoon I get this phonecall from Joan, that he's had a crash and his bike is fucked up -about € 500.00 minimum to repair- and he's going to Emergency as he's not too badly hurt, but his hand is swolen and he's generaly bruised and scraped all over.

So I went over to see him at his place, later on at night, to find him signalling me 'shhhh!!!' while I was going up the stairs, as his gf is REALLY jealous about me. He was talking to her on the phone and didn't want any trouble by saying I was there, visiting. Talked and talked and laughed and laughed, were mutually concerned for each other's aches and pains... and I left, so he could go to sleep 'coz he was in a bad state... fortunately nothing serious, but not in the best shape to be partying.

Went downtown on my own, to the disco where I usually see N., but he wasn't there. Met a guy who was fun, but not the same...

Spent the whole of Saturday at home, dozing... waking... exchanging sms with Joan... sleeping a bit more... waking... cook a bit, eat half... and was going to go out at night, but was i the same mood by 3 in the morning!!! got partly dressed about 5 times, just to go 'Hmmm... no, maybe not' ... and after another half hour, 'or yes? yeah, I'll pop downtown a bit'... just to stop half way through and think 'No, not worth going downtown now, I'm really tired... but I want to see people, I'm sick of being in here, on my own...'

I finally went to bed around 5 a.m., and received a sms from Joan around 6, giving me the details of an Afterhours he'd been telling me about. But not saying whether he was there or just thinking I'd be out and about and looking for somewhere else to go to.

Later on, around 9 and 10 in the morning we exchanged some more sms, me still half asleep all teh time, him seemingly awake... but I didn't understand whether he'd been out or not, and he wasn't sure whether I was still awake or already awake!

Yeah, the story of his life... and of our weekends when together. Sigh!

By the way, it seems like someone got married in Madrid this weekend, and it was quite a big affair. ermmm... wow. Gee. Great. Long live the Ex-Reporter, or something. Yeah, still half asleep. Some bug probably.