Monday, May 03, 2004

Lousy, really

Worst date ever, on Friday evening!!!

My fault, anyway. But sometimes you get to meet people who are really nice, like my Cinderella boy, so why not try again?

Anyway, quick to react, changed a lousy Friday into an ok one: got to phone XAvi in time to have dinner with him, had a good laugh and we got updated about our men, and though he wasn't going out that night, we were finally having drinks 'till 2:30 a.m., a good time to walk him home and go off to Magic, see what happens...

Didn't meet any friends nor even acquaintances at the disco, but was in a mood to dance a lot, so it was great, not thinking much about the guys around me -some mean-looking hunks, motards and so on, but I kept well away from them, being a good girl. Some other hunks around, too, and soooo many whimsical lousy drunks too... but I was in one of my 'me, myself & I' moods... which means I have to pay for all my drinks, though!

I did get into this weird situation, though: a couple was arguing just next to me on the dance floor, and when he stormed off, she turned round to me, holding her tears back, and said 'could you please dance with me? this bastard has just left me to chat that other girl up, and he's supposed to be my boyfriend!' I was torn between good old Siaterhood principles, and the fact that I didn't really fancy dragging this peroxide blonde around with me, probably drunk allready and sure to get loaded 'coz of her man. So I compromised, and stayed with her 'till some guys were looking at us greedily, and I knew they were just what she needed: the same kind of people -under my point of view- and they'd buy her the drinks she'd want to get loaded, and could make her man jealous by hanging around these two creeps, while they'd be stupid enough not to forsee her ending up with her boyfriend... Which is exactly what happened!!!!! :))

Anyway, she did come up to me now and then for a while, but was well seen to :D

And I finally did accept one beer from a guy I'd been laughing at the situation with, but no compromising... not playing chatty or anything, wanted to behave 'coz I had to meet Xavi at 5:30 pm to go to the Asian cinema festival, and wanted to get things sorted out first.

So I was good enough to even walk to the underground to get home, not even taxi!!!!