Thursday, May 13, 2004

My name is x and I like to obey women

do you want me to strip for you? I've got my webcam ready.

And the Messenger notification of webcam invite.

This has been the latest weirdo on messenger. He's beaten the ones who turn up on you to give you all sort of details on what they'd be doing to you, if they could reach... or those who have on their profile a pic of their huge dick :P or say directly they are looking for some woman who'd like to have sex with them when they come to Bcn... but seriously, this one's new!!!

Decided that the next time one of these really pushy, aggressive guys blinks up on me, I'll post their profile, to make them public.

I've been tempted to post some approaches that have been hilarious either by the weird English or Spanish they've used, or for the profile they had... but felt bad about it and just forwarded it to some friends.

But the next nasty guy shall be published. As if it made much difference :))