Wednesday, May 12, 2004


Guess it's a blogger's MUST, so there it goes... Still feeling down and dizzy from this virus going round the office, hurrying to open this morning as my boss is off working and in bed, and the other girl is away on a visit, I rush into the building to get in through the side-door I slipped on the just-waxed floor and thumped on my back and coxis!!! took me minutes to be able to move, and had to fight off the cleaning lady, who was offering to help and repeating 'Were you coming down the stairs? were you coming down the stairs?' as she hadn't seen me fall nor realized what had happened until she found me on the floor and speechless... Actually I was worried when, after my first instinct was to roll over onto my knees and get up, I found myself unable to move, on my knees and almost unable to talk!

I managed to get to the office, only to hear the phone going like mad, and my Big Boss shouting at me for not picking it up before, and me so achey and confused I could not really talk to him... so I said I had been on the phone to someone else, and told him an average conversation we have about 8 times a week, so it was totally credible, and only just now -3 hours later- could I face telling my boss the real story.

The technitian came in and saw how I was sitting and moving strangely, hardly talking, and asked what was wrong. After hahaha-ing about offering a 'helping hand' and a 'massage' and 'some warming up' on my bum, which is the least painful part of my body right now, he did go to the chemist for me and got me some stuff.

So I'm taking it easy... and laughing at thing such as this, or this, or this, or this from!

Had also been going through Chinese Tattoos stories... all thanks to my severe addiction to little. yellow. different and the search through its archives...