Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Does G-mail really exist?

...or is it just another Santa Claus???!!!

Have I been naughty? -Don't you laugh, mousy boy!!!- Or it simply doesn't exist!!!

Blogger keeps offering the G-Mail trial to me, but I can't get through the links, and Bloggers says 'sorry, G-mail shall reply to your e-mail soon... blah blah' but I get no reply... and then I read other bloggers are g-mailing and happy about it, but it's like when I was sure the Three Kings -I grew up in Spain and Santa didn't come this far south until about ten years ago- would bring me the Super-Fantabulous-Bicycle I wanted, but all I had was a load of small parcels, and some sweets...

And everyone else had what they'd asked for

Like G-Mail

Which reminds me of when my son was about 5, and just on the day the Kings were supposed to come, and me having managed to get all the stuff he wanted, which was quite simple -not too expensive, ok, and easy to find... My mother suddenly tells me over the phone, laughing, how people had been staring at her and my son when he'd asked The Kings' Page for a finger!!!! The poor guy who was earning his 3€ per hour for having kids jumping up and down infront of him and mispronouncing fancy toys' names, with his face covered by an itchy, synthetic beard, must have thought he'd misunderstood him, and my mom said how he'd asked 'A finger? What for?? and my son said, Yes, a finger. Only that.

It seems he wanted to test the Kings' ability to give whatever you ask for. He said on the phone to me, 'I want to see what finger they give me' Ha ha ha, that's my boy!!!

So I managed to get out from the office a bit earlier, excusing myself by the need to collect my son before the Kings' Parade, not saying I had to get a Finger first!!! And in a sudden bang of imagination I remembered a Jokes & Magic Tricks shop, and made my way there, thinking of one of those fake fingers that squirt water etc, but they had none left, and the only finger they had was a bleeding one, but so unrealistic it wasn't worth it... 'till I saw a fake hand poking out of a closed door trick, four fingers like a lady's hand is showing or grabbing whatever you clip it onto. Like, on your shirt, it's like she's hiding inside your shirt, right?

It was worth it, for the face Hugo had when he saw it.

Cool kid.