Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Forum Barcelona actually exists!

Went to the Forum on Sunday. Family excursion, with all the stress and co-ordination that means. Hugo and I were 30 MINUTES EARLY!!! so my parents couldn't huff at me.

O.k., not bad, but it has the same old problem in all these places: you have to walk for ages from one thing to another, and tehn back, and queue and queue and can not fit in to a schedule to see everything you are interested in, but find you have an hour spare with nothing going on that you may fancy. PLUS, being there with my parents, I couldn't sneak off to a bar to have a drink and a bite, but had to stick to the cans I'd brought in with me and the sandwiches my mom had made. Nad some food looked really nice ...specially after my migraine on Saturday, making me not eat anything for almost 24 hours.

But there were some interesting things to see, of course. The Xi'An Warriors, really amazing... for people who appreciate art and ancient history, so me and sis and mom etc really got a kick out of it, checking such different facial expressions in each warrior. My favourite -out of the representation they brought to Bcn- was the last Civil Servant, who had a really hauty face, we nicked him The Tax Inspector.

And 'El Gigante de los Siete Mares' was a good show, but yes, it has been seen before. I liked it, but it wasn't anything new, as to my mom and sis, who don't see that much performing and street theatre. It was good, though.

Couldn't make it to the water puppets I wanted to see, nor the other floating 'creatures' that I wanted to see. And some of the stuff I wanted to see was late at night, and I wouln't stay on after my family left, coz a) I'd been there since 9:30, as agreed with my parents, though the doors opened at 11:00 (yes!!! my family does that sort of thing) and b) they were leaving at 7:00 pm, and I had to meet this guy at 8:00 pm for cinema + dinner+ drinks and had to rush to get changed and there in time.

Went to see The Ladykillers. Good laugh!!! Dinner at an Egiptian rest., and out around the areas I used to go with Joan, but didn't feel weird about it. GOOD!

Well, it was kinda testing my final impression on this guy I didn't know what to think of. I hadn't been too impressed the first time we'd met, and he was insisting a lot to meet again, but bumped into him again and he was better. Yep. Not bad, not going into my V.I.P. lists, but shall be around again.