Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Bye! ;) Ciao! :D ...bye!!!

Why is it that it's so hard to say Bye! and log off when you're on IM?

Not as bad with friends, real friends, 'coz either you shush them directly or you just flick off and that's it. But these people -specially guys :P- who flick up onto your screen, and you don't know... I do tend more and more to simply ignore them, but there have been a few I've kept in touch for a few moths now and are really cool. So before clicking on Ignore, sometimes I exchange a couple of lines, and then say I'm busy, I'm working, etc -thinking maybe I talk a bit more another day to give them the benefit of the doubt, and can always 'Ignore' them later.

But then you have to go through the whole shit of:

Me: Sorry, I'm busy now. Am at work

It: O.K., sorry


It: Maybe later?

Me: well, o.k., maybe talk some other moment ;) Bye

It: ;)

It: Bye

It: See you later

Me: Yes, bye!

It: Don't want to disturb, sorry :*)

It: well, bye


2 minutes...

It: I'll see if you'r online later on ;)


Mind you, with friends it can get quite pathetic sometimes. In a different level.

There's when you say you're about to log off, or to leave them for a while without logging off, to do something, amd you close their window, to see an orange blink on the bottom of the comp a few seconds after you've considered the conversation finished. So you click on it, and it's

Friend : ok
Friend: wait
Friend: ill go after a while
Friend: probably i wont be back this evening
Friend: not sure
Friend: but if i dont get back
Friend: then offline me if there is any news
Friend: ok sweety am leaving now
Friend: take care and have a nice evening
Friend: :-*
Friend: chao

Hey!!! Didn't I say I'm off to do something away from the computer? so the blinking orange notice is going wild on my PC?!!

Then there's when you actually do want to stop chatting, because you're busy, or the other person is, but either you or the other person keeps remembering really important or really hilarious things to mention, and can not wait! Sometimes it's necessary to remind the other person: Weren't you going to miss the bus ten minutes ago? :P

Anyway, Mary-Anne and I have a semi-satisfactory system: we have a code for our Last Message, and that IS to be accepted. Most of the times we actually stick to it, dont' we?


poliwhirl said...

Yeah, but we're NOT going to tell anybody what it IS.

O.k.,o.k.! said...

Of course not!!!

They can try and guess, but should work their own code out!

havemousewillclick said...

So its like that then !

Huh you know who your pals are areound these parts

:P :P :P :P :P :P

hail hail


O.k.,o.k.! said...

Sorry, Brian!

I daren't go against Mary-Anne, I know her!!!

And we do need a code in our case!!! :D