Monday, June 14, 2004

Weekend without Hugo: sore feet!

Friday night I went out just for one beer, and was all dressed up to go out later on... even thought of passing by the bar Nacho is supposed to hang out, and told me to go sometime... But I was too tired so I went back home.

Got a phone call from Joan, who knew I was in his hood with Eva, but I'd just got home when he phoned to see what I was doing so...Round One won: I didn't run after him at all!!! Said I thought I might go out later on, but was resting a bit then and wanted to lay on the couch. the truth is I fell asleep and woke up at 3 am thinking it may be worth going to see if Nacho was around Magic, but hhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm getting there is sooo much harder than stretching and turning round on the couch!!!

So Saturday at about one I sent Joan an sms asking him out for lunch, if he fancied, and if I had no reply in an hour, I'd eat soemwhere else. Got his phonecall soon enough!!! So I went and rang his bell, and he saw me turn up in his favourite miniskirt, a normal t-shirt and one of his favourite pairs of shoes, and went 'wow! if you want, we order some food and eat here!!!' -but no, I said we'd better go out somewhere nearby, at a terrace or so.

Funny how many sms I received while we were eating!!! and all of them from guys -some only friends, other were 'lovers' he knew about, and was asking 'Now what? what does he want now?' hahaha

Round two won: he was talking about passing by his place after lunch, to relax a bit, but I said I should meet s friend of mine and... off I went :D

But then I met I., and went for some beers at JL's place, and then I went to see Marina, and waited for Xaby's phonecall as we were supposed to go out...

Bumped into Tunde, hadn't seen her for ages, I find I like her more every time we meet. Didn't use to know her too well, she was my friends' friend, but I enjoy talking to her now.

hen I saw Manu, who confirmed Xaby was absolutely dead after going mad on friday night, so I went to Alberto's place, saw a good live gig and then to that disco I might meet some friends at...

but by 4 a.m. I could hardly dance any more, my feet are killing me not that much because of strutting up and down Barcelona on high heels for 16 hours, but for the nasty Early Summer sindrome: getting your feet used to your sandals and summer shoes!!!

So I realized I'd be much too tired and my sore feet would not be too glamorous as soon as I took my shoes off, so I was not waiting any longer 'just in case' and left, and got home and finally soaked my feet in cold water!!!

Well, women are always doing silly things to their feet -high heels or not, but there's always a plaster showing out of someone's shoes at this time of the year!!!


poliwhirl said...

Not mine! :)

O.k.,o.k.! said...

Nooooo, I know about your feet business...

And was just imagining something like that from you :D