Monday, June 14, 2004

Couldn't believe it!!!

Phoned this medical company in Israel, and instead of the typical shitty tune, I waited for a while listening to... 'Hang The D.J., by Morrisey!!!! Couldn't believe it!!! It reminded me of the summer I spent at Girona airport, on the switchboard, and how I used to leave my cassette player on by the phone, with Nina Hagen, when soemone had to wait for a while!!!

And, back to the title of this post, can you believe this?

It's from here: Strindberg + helium ... By the way, in case you woinder who August Strindberg is...

Loved it. Mary-Anne, you'll like it to, I can allready see you copying Helium up and down the house!!!


O.k.,o.k.! said...

Hey, Mary Anne!

Remember when I used to wear black all day long, every day, EXCEPT when we went to Las Cuevas, where I'd wear that bright white and dark blue fish-patterned thing, to jump against the walls in the middle of all the other, *serious*, goths?!

'Miiiiiseryyyyy'... 'Bleeediiiiiing' ah, how I identify with Helium!!!