Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Mad Weather Disease

Is striking Barcelona during my week off.

Yesterday it

*was sunny but coldish
*really bright sunshine again
*wind and covered sky
*rain but sun shining(!)

Yes! and sometimes it was just a matter of turning round a corner, and you walked out of the rain and into the sunshine ...aaaaaaaahhhh! how I'd love that to happen metaphorically too!!!!

Went for a stressful afternoon walk with Magda, Suquet -her 7-month-old dog, mad and jumping around non-stop-, Hugo and my friend Xavy, childless and dogless and huffing and puffing when seeing all the action around us!!!

We went to a park by the beach, and tehn the beach itself, and as it was so windy, our eyes were collecting all the sand our Town Hall needed to transport to the other side of the beach, so by shaking our heads a bit we earned €500.00 each, and then I woke up and cleaned my lenses out of sand and grit.