Friday, June 11, 2004

...Yes, I know, you're not going on holidays...

The whole of Spain, and part of Europe, seems to know I'm not getting my week off unless I can get an answerphone to work at our office. I'd asked for this week off over a month ago, to spend some time with my son before he leaves for summer.

This doesn't seem too complicated for a company selling and servicing UCI equipments, ventilators, defibrillators... but the fact that we have a Telefonica switchboard but are working with another, cheaper (!?) company for our phonecalls doesn't help at all: we are in a no-man's-land as usual, being sent back and forth from one company to the other. I've spoken to at least 20 different people, and listened to endless muzak...

But also... remember how complicated it was to get my boss make his mind up on a coffe machine??? I guess there's not much else to say.

Really funny, though, how I've been getting phone calls from different people concerned now that I am not going on holiday unless I guet this answer machine working!!! The president of our company has started telling people at the phone companies 'this girl is going away on Monday, but it won't be possible unless we have the machine working' -so they phone and say 'Hi, my name is xxx. Are you Aurea? Yes, we know it's urgent, you have to go on holiday on Monday!!! We'll help you.' :D