Monday, June 07, 2004

Sunday: Bernard phoned again!!!

To say he didn't want to disturb me by phoning too often, as I'm sooo busy with my boyfriend -yeah, still believes I'm with Joan- and that he thinks I should have found some time to spare for him... I remimded him, once more, that he himself had told me a couple of weeks ago it wasn't worth seeing each other!!!

So he said he'd have to see Hugo to buy him some clothes, as he looks like a gypsy, while his father is still alive and can buy him stuff.

No Comment.

Or yes, you gals who know Hugo, please speak up!!!!


poliwhirl said...

Well, I've seen Hugo playing with gypsies and he didn't look like one of them... Does that help?

Anonymous said...

So Hugo has changed his style? What happened to the skater image? V

O.k.,o.k.! said...

Noooo, Vel, he's still in his skater looks, which actually you may remember Bernard wearing too... as you *did* meet him when still aproachable, and he was always in skater clothes!!!

So I guess it's just another way of getting to hurt my feelings and see if I dare tell Hugo what Daddy was talking about!!!