Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Don't you ever feel like...

...Causing a scene so that people remember you are also human?

...Telling your friend how he has changed since he's living with his new girlfriend? How now he daren't text message you unless from work, for heaven's sake??!!!

...Reminding your lover(s) that the fact that you are very 'giving' doesn't mean they can just lay back and relax while you do the whole effort?

...Giving a try at someone completely different to all your previous relationships, to see if that would work?

...Letting people learn the difference between 'patience', 'respect' and 'not caring'... which seems to be quite mixed up these days?

Anyway, saw this game I thought quite stupid... specially when it's from my hometown beer :(
Newcastle Brown Ale - Escape Your Bitter Ex Sweepstakes