Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Been back at my (for the next 48 hours, still) office

Great conversation with my (for the next 48 hours, still) boss, and yes, Nate's vision of me being replaced by a young girrrl who just finished studying and has experience zero, but accepts a lower wage, was actually T R U E ! ! !

My (for the next 48 hours, still) boss was really great, obviously pissed off at the situation, and far from uncomfortable together we had a good laugh while he made 3 people wait for him, half-way through a course he was giving!!!

As he put it when the new girl came in a moment, 'This is what he's looking for, after you managed to get the office working correctly, now he can pass with her, no experience at all but she does speak languages' Of course, that is not enough for my (for the...) boss, as he needs an assistant he can actually talk to, and rely on, but of course, that's not the firm's owner's problem...

He told me of all the work-related news and gossip, and even showed me a confidential -and hilarious!- e-mail after making me know if I commented on it to anyone from our work environment, it would be obvious he'd showed me it and he'd be into trouble. Only him and the president had read it. Well, can't say much anyway, it's so work-related, but it has to do with the angry e-mails exchanged with the famous Korean guy.

I'm going to miss working with this man. He was such a good boss. Such a great person to work for and with. We were a good team. Shit! getting sentimental about it. Excuse me while I go check The Big Picture and Pearls Before Swine to get over it.