Friday, June 18, 2004

Holidays (not) away from the office, part 2

As you probably know, I'm worried 'coz my contract expires at the end of the month, and haven't been told either to renew nor to drop dead. So as there is officially 15 days time to give notice if they don't want to renew -see my worries about a month ago, with weird thigs going through the company's President mind- I am counting the days, even while in the park or at a cyber like now.

Yesterday was the last day they could have informed me correctly if they didn't want to renew -not sighing in relief 'till it's officially confirmed, though.

So I was thinking 'Please don't phone now, please don't say you were checking other people for my job while I was on holiday' when I got this phone call from the office.

The other girl at the office was on.

'Do you know where R. -my boss-'s glasses are? htey were on top of the table when we left last Friday. Did they get broken while setting the answerphone?'

No, I didn't know and can't remember seeing them on the table.

And what the f**k does she mean Did they get broken? As if I'd hide the broken specs and not phone to tell him, thinking he won't notice he can't see!!!

Shit, the things this woman can say in her hyperactive thoughtlessness!!!