Wednesday, June 23, 2004

I am a collateral victim

It seems I was too good a team with my boss, making the President seem even more out of place, so he's been giving all sort of unsatisfying explanations to why he shall not renew my contract.

My boss was really great. He tried to the last moment to make him change his mind, and even asked me to phone the President from his office, so we could talk it over, and was making signs at me as 'ok', 'that's a good one', etc to my talk to the president, but nothing changed.

He said he hoped we'd work together some other time, maybe in some other firm, as he is definetly not staying long in this one seeing how little his opinion counts and how many decisions are taken according to the president's mood of the day.

We had a good, long talk about people, about how he'd thought he'd found the assistant he'd be working with for the next ten years at least, intelligent and bright and with a high education, and can also do her work!!! -anyway, all put together, i'm officially on holiday until July the 1st, when the contract expires.