Monday, March 15, 2004



I was at the cacerolada until 1:30 a.m. opposite the PP headquarters in Barcelona, which was set up by email messages, sms messages and this website, catalan but with Spanish entries too, that was also involved:
Indymedia Barcelona: newswire

There were thousands of people banging on tins, pans, with bicycle chains against containers, anything to make noise and make our message clear.

This is another website linked to the demonstration on Saturday night, where you can see some pics VilaWeb - Diari Electronic Independent

All the way the demonstration went, when aproaching 2 a.m. we started moving back to the Town Hall -Plaza Sant Jaume- people were amazed when, in their cars, etc., they had to stop at such hours for still hundreds of people marching, shouting, singing and banging on our pans and tins, and the reaction was always a big grin and beep-beep-bipbipbip on their horns!

People stood outside the music bars and pubs they were that Saturday night to see us pass, and clapped and cheered. Obviously, when we started to move from our main destination opposite the PP offices, and downtown to the Town Hall, we kept trying to buy some beers and every shop, petrol station or bar immediately close to the main demonstration had run out of them -we had been there for 4 hours or more, thousands of people, and many would leave for a moment and buy some cans to take to the friends... so we kept trying as we moved downtown, and I found a music bar where they didn't have cans, but offered us plastic cups full for only one euro!!! He saw we came from the demo and was happy to help, instead of charging average 3 euro per beer or more.

Even the neighbours who couldn't sleep were, in many cases, out on their balconies and banging too -if you can't beat them, or sleep, I guess...