Tuesday, March 30, 2004


Woke up a bit later than planned, thanks to my busy night , so I was late for my lunch in Sitges with Malena. Run out to catch the train, ooohhh it's raining, maybe she won't want to come and pick me up at the station -tried to phone her, but my mobile is dead. Not battery, had been charging for hours, something weird, no it wouldn't work. Hunting for a phonebox that actually works in Barcelona street is usually shitty business, doing this in the rain and when in a hurry is murder.

My friend made me go catch the coach, as I guessed she'd do, as when it's raining she hates the bike. So I go down to the centre and look for the coach. took me ages 'coz I usually go with her to the Night Bus stop for her to go home, but the daytime stop is different and I didn't recognize the company.

Soaking wet, at 14:25 I find out there's a bus at 14:20 and the next one is at 16:20!!! So back to looking for a phone, and back to changing plans, and back to the train station, catch train + local bus that goes rooound and rooound unknown areas until I'm supposed to recognize, from the only other time I'd caught it, over a year ago, the right stop!

Got off the bus, no-one waiting for me -she was supposed to be on her way to the stop when I called to say I'd caught the bus! and after fifteen freezing, wet minutes I phone her -by now my was working, thank god!- and she's still getting her shoes on!!! I mean, her feet are big, but maaan....

Anyway, lunch with some lovely Lambrusco, and lots of gossip and loathing of ex-s and kid's tricks on us, and it was time for the concert. New chapter in a moment.