Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Hmmm, tired and sleepy

Spent a bad night with Hugo waking up, nightmares or something, so I'm just in my sleepy blues...

By the way, J. from last weekend seems to still be interested in meeting again, and I'm not sure what to do - should I follow my quest for the Intellectual Hunk that would drive me away from B.B. and T.B.B. guys... or should I accept an invitation for dinner on my b-day to find out more about this guy? NW is not mentioning anything, and though I would love to spend Friday night with him, I'm not waiting 'till Friday at 9 p.m. to see what I'm doing. I'm also supposed to have a drink with JL, and go partying with Eva and Agnes, maybe dinner with them -but once again nothing's sure with them, either. If by tomorrow I've heard no news from NW, I guess I might accept J's offer. Or not.

My first idea, a month ago, was to have people around at my place, but I won't now 'coz a) I'm broke, and b) my house is a mess right now, with lights not working due to bad connections -and me waiting to be able to pay someone to fix them, as I can't. Moan, moan.

Good news? As far as I'm hearing, it may be now Bushy boy's turn to have his ass' kicked out of work and in the dole. How is the US doing for unemployment benefits?

I received this email asking for people to sign up for our own right to vote for the US president, even if it is not vinculating to the final result, seeing how US tends to influence our life. Interesting idea. No, I didn't sign in, nor re-sent it. I don't always jump into these things, ok?