Thursday, March 11, 2004

Yahoo! News - 60 People Killed in Madrid Explosions

Finally an English version! -though not updated...

Yahoo! News - 60 People Killed in Madrid Explosions

Yahoo! News - World Photos - AFP

My friend Mry-Anne -her blog Quejarse de Vicio is linked on the left- lives in Madrid. She's off to donate blood.

Can't use mobiles in many parts of Madrid, due to saturation in many areas, plus the petition not to use them so as to help sanitary the sanitary action work faster.

Hospitals aren't enough, there are improvised hospital units everywhere, taxis taking the injured as there aren't enough ambulances to cope... and there are most probably many more dead and injured still inside the trains.

...And, when you follow the comments on the web, people don't learn what's going on and talk about getting PP back again to kill the terrorists off!!! ... like this time, huh?