Monday, March 01, 2004

Quite happy about my bosses being busy this gave me more freedom to sort my blog out. But I'm really pissed off with one of the transport companies I used to work with, at my previous job, as we do not use this shipper here but need it for a one-off case, and I can not get in touch.

O.k., I can not call the guy I used to work a lot with, as he deals with truck shipments to Greece, and now I need them to collect something from Bcn Airport. But the official phone doesn't seem to work!

I'm trying and trying -and shall wait 'till it's time for my previous office to open and may call them for the phone number.

Been checking a funny blog, I'd heard of it before, but can not dedicate too much time to going though it as it deserves -it has many links to what's supposed to be her family, she's supposed to be an Argentinian housewife and is now away on holidays, and left an answer phone on. Any technical problem she solves by asking her son, and her hints to doing things often have some line like 'ask your eldest son about the right size', etc. This blog has been going on for quite a while -actually, the whole thing is stopped for a while and not likely to continue- and is becoming quite famous: WEBLOG DE UNA MUJER GORDA -Fat Woman's Blog- that has become quite famous in the Spanish Web Community. But, in case you can not read Spanish decently, there is always its Chinese translation, pikachu ka Chu pikaa Pikapi -great 'cause your pc won't need the special configuration etc.

We're testing the thermometres we have in a box as 'Not working' -infrared forehead thermometres- to see if it's cause the battery's dead, as in many cases, or some default setting that is making us both seem to have a high fever. Considered telling our boss that Thermo Buddy 2002 is giving us a 37.9 fever at the lowest readings, and we must go to bed!