Tuesday, March 16, 2004


Right. 5 minutes to tell the saturday story.

Wanted to go to FNAC to watch Hay Motivo, remember? Had no kid around, had spent Friday night in, watching Paris-Texas on BTV and felt quite capable to have an active Saturday.

Got to FNAC just as film was supposed to be starting -my puntuality problem, sigh!- and, surprise surprise, there was no film on! Asked the security guy stood in my way, he sent me to Information (wow! how hadn't I thought of that? Thanks for nothing, big guy!) so I had to wait for a long queue of people returning stuff, and handing in Videotapes to get vouchers for DVDs. Sigh again.

No, many people have asked me the same thing, I don't know where you got that from, the film was for yesterday(...) I told her it was on the film's official webpage and she just looked at me blankly and nodded at the next person.

Bought the paper and saw it would be screened at Associacio d'Amics del Nepal, an association that has a good load of films going on, I used to get info at my email by the way, what the hell happened?

Phoned my friend Eva, supposed to have lunch with her, but she was nowhere for the 5 calls I made every half hour. Ate on my own and then I managed to talk: she was on her way to see her daughter play football, would I like to go? -her daughter is goalie at Barça for her age team. I went, so i could see her -it's not easy for two working single mothers to meet and chat- and got soaked as it was sort of drizzling, but I wasn't dressed to stand in the rain, I had planned a more intellectual day.

She was initially going to come with me to the Nepal association thing, but finally didn't -so I made my way there. As I was going towards the Metro -the Barcelona underground- I received my first mobile message informing about the news given internationally and how the Spanish government kept denying it. And the famous word of the day, PASALO. I guess enough has been said about this, but Spain was literally buzzing with text messages with the latest news and with appointments to go to bang hell opposite PP headquarters everywhere in Spain. Pravda had a good summary on this: Pravda.RU Spain: Everybody against Aznar

...and, just to get over this, two more links in Spanish for my friends abroad: Tension por las protestas de miles de personas ante las sedes del PP and Protesta multitudinaria ante las sedes del PP

So, a few more messages arrived during the afternoon, and when I got to The Nepal place, it was full up and no-one else could go in -quite a few people waiting. So I fumed a bit, and then went to a ciberpoint and spent some time watching the videos online and messangering with Mary-Anne. Finally got hungry and went to Fortuny, the bar my friend Marina works at and ate something while talking with her about the obvious themes: the deaths, reactions by the people and misleading by the government, and messages received. I smsd Xavi to see what he was doing and got his reply: "at the PP headquarters" -sms "you're joking?" reply: "we're making a revolution. Come!" talked to him and left immediately 4 support. Was bang-bang-banging 'till way after 1:30 a.m., when Xavi & his mates decided not to follow the group back downtown -they'd been banging since 8:00 p.m.!- and to go for a drink. Gay rights bar, fun. Then downtown, some off to Metro, gay disco, some off elsewhere... and who's just pulling the blind down at Fortuny, but Marina???

Cross the street and wave goodbye to Xavi etc, while making new plans with Marina. Sant Jaume Square for a bit more Cacerolada, 'till after 4 a.m., and then to a Disco.

To be continued... when I have another "5 minutes"