Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Phoned half of the population in Bangalore this morning, I guess

...And still trying to get the right document e-mailed.

Have had many versions, though, can't complain. Bosses are complaining, for sure: every time I re-send them to Val., to see if the new version solves our problem.

Got cell numbers for most of the workers at this company in India, too -as they are passing the ball from one to another, and giving me cells so I can get in touch with someone else and nag at someone new.

Shame I'm not an expert in this matter, otherwise I'd be able to do my job better. I keep reminding my boss how little I've been in the Company, and he can't expect me to be able to discuss certain things without checking first.

In fact, he hired me for my experience in International Meetings, and handling stress situations -as now- and he knew he would have to train me in the products themselves, what each machine does, what documents we need for each one, what components we get from who...

And now we're starting off with a new vet line, so I'm contacting a whole new load of possible suppliers...