Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Ojos de Brujo

were great, as usual... or even more, really good fun. Danced like mad, and enjoyed every minute of the gig.

But it was weird to go to this concert with the model who impersonates Letizia Ortiz, the Spanish Queen-To-Be (Royal wedding coming up). This girl, the model, has serious personality disorders. Trying to impress everyone so much, she scares men off and causes nasty reactions every now and then. But, when she's out of her surroundings and can't impress anyone -namely, when not among typical 40-ish and up drooling men, she gets blocked up and just becomes a rigid stone, almost.

Not at all a bad person, but peculiar and complicated to go out with.

Must leave, back to work -and who is this Algerian messengering me? let's se...